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Comedy Carnival’s


During the show, we require that all customers refrain from any conversations or talking, using mobile phones or disrupting the acts.

The four acts at Comedy Carnival were absolutely brilliant, and they were really diverse in their content, delivery and background.

Angelo Tsarouchas live in London.

The rules.

We ask that all members of the audience respect the performers, other audience members and our staff. Management reserves the right to remove anyone who continually disrupts the show. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds to anyone who is asked to leave the venue.

For the enjoyment of all customers, while the show is in progress, there is strictly:

  • No talking or carrying on your own conversations.
  • No using mobile phones.
  • No heckling of the acts.
  • No behaviour that prevents others from enjoying the show.

We wish everyone a pleasant evening and hope that you enjoy the show.

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